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Special Meeting Dec. 27 at 7 p.m. Items of discussions end of year, 2024 appropriations and Zoning Board and board of appeal appointments.   ______________________________________________________

The trustees will hold their regular meetings at the township hall respecting the social distancing required by the state; however, if a resident is planning to attend, the township will not permit more than 5 residents to attend the meeting and social distancing will be adhered to during the meeting. If the state continues with the quarantine than the township will inform the public whether the meetings will continue to be held at the township building or by telecommunications.

Respectively, Tom Ray, Glenn Cheesman, Rusty Sellman

New Traffic Signs for Polk Township
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Did you Know?  ATV Use on Public Roads


Polk Township Trustees have approved the new zoning resolution.
on July 21, 2017





Blue reflector house number signs can be obtained from the
Galion Fire Department at no cost to the residents.
Call 419-468-6763 or 419-468-5580


Please report any zoning violations to the
zoning inspector or the township office.

Residents are asked to report any missing road signs or
pot holes to the office. 419-468-3888


Road crews are patching and mowing roadways,
please observe all caution


Hard surfacing your driveway? Call the township first...
Do not construct, build or resurface a driveway w/o contacting the township trustees for zoning requirements.


logoWelcome to Polk Township

Polk Township was formed in 1845 when Sandusky Township (Richland County) was divided.
The west side of Sandusky Township My Example went to Crawford County and Marion County gave up a
section from the south side to Crawford County consequently Polk Township was formed.

Office: 419-468-3888
Fax: 419-468-3880

Regular meetings are held the
3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.
at the township building, 7680 SR 309, Galion, Ohio 44833


Ohio Roads

Townships maintain 41,387 mile of Ohio roads, more that any other governmental entity.
Townships - 41,387 miles
City and Villages - 31,644
Counties - 28,948
State - 19,260

Road maintenance responsibility includes resurfacing, chipping, sealing, thatching and snow removal.
Townships also maintain the ditches in the right away.

Crawford County and Polk Township

Crawford County has 16 townships covering 447 township miles.
Polk Township covers 27.52 road miles.

Polk Township is primarily funded through property taxes levied on real property within the township. Other major sources of revenue include: local government fund, gasoline tax and motor vehicle license plate tax.

Polk Township is governed by three trustees (Legislative Body) and a fiscal officer. All are elected officials and serve a four-year term.